Happy Hour is a unique workshop offer for adults of all ages, which addresses the common problem of a lack of enjoyment of today’s busy urban life.

Having noticed that more and more of her friends and colleagues regularly talked about feeling ‘burned out’, ‘just too busy’ or ‘stuck in a rut’, experienced creative facilitator and trainer Natasha Bergg decided to design a workshop offer that would bring small groups of adults together in a creative space to make meaningful connections, rediscover playfulness and be in the moment.

Workshops are currently running as one-off evening sessions. To find out more about dates and costs, click here.

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In a Happy Hour workshop, expect to experience the following:

  • the opportunity to forge new connections and to feel a sense of achievement, as part of a supportive collective
  • facilitated creative work on how to be more present and in the moment
  • the chance to be playful, joyful and have fun in a ‘no right, no wrong’ environment
  • a challenge to stretch yourself and take a step out of your regular comfort zone
  • the enjoyment of a feeling of space – free from responsibilities and electronic devices


About the facilitator

Photo credit: Hannah Leadbeater

For the past ten years, Natasha has been designing and delivering workshops, which successfully employ playful, creative approaches to unlock participants’ ability to achieve more than they – and other people – think they can. Natasha has delivered leadership courses around personal impact in corporate and postgraduate settings, as well as the NHS. She has also worked internationally, predominantly with young people, launching playful confidence-building projects in Utah, with disadvantaged Hispanic communities and Mexico, with young women, who have been victims of abuse.

Natasha is also co-founder of Theatre Troupe, a community arts organisation that uses a unique creative methodology, underpinned by neurobiological attachment theory, to change the lives of young people with acute and complex mental health problems. To find out more about Theatre Troupe, click here.


“3 hours felt like 1. In a world where I constantly think, analyse and feel, it was bliss to just be. I felt like I connected with people I’d never met, as if I’d known them for years. I was sad to leave and wished I could have spent more time with these people”

“At the beginning of the session I felt nervous and didn’t know what to expect. By the end, I felt relaxed, happy and glad I participated”

“It completely took me away from everything else that’s happening at the moment”

“Natasha hits the sweet spot between slick and professional and friendly and real. She also epitomises the joyful, playful, creative and confident approach that we all want to learn through the course”

“Provides the right mix of humour, challenge and direction”

“A dream to work with. Her sensitivity to individuals’ capabilities enabled a playful, safe, explorative space where we were able to unlock ideas”

“Natasha creates a joyful experience”

“Highly skilled at empathising, understanding and developing work in a friendly, relatable fashion”

To find out more about when and where Happy Hour evening sessions take place, click here.

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To contact Natasha, send an email to bringthejoyback@gmail.com.